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What is Pillar?

A plastic surgeon personally designs harmonized with the patient's face.
Sophisticated procedures fill the volume that has disappeared naturally and three-dimensionally.

Filler is a relatively simple procedure, but if you get the wrong procedure
It can cause side effects such as edema, spread, redness, necrosis, etc
Must have extensive anatomical knowledge and clinical experience
It is important to consult and receive treatment from a plastic surgeon.

Pillar Treatment Target

Fillers Treatment area

Pillar Precautions after treatment

To maintain the filler shape Touch or shock as much as possible You should avoid applying it.

1 week after treatment
Sauna and hot bath
You should avoid it.

1 week after treatment
Drinking and smoking
should be avoided.

From the next day after treatment
Makeup and
You can wash your face.

Filler Treatment Information

Treatment time

about five minutes

an anesthetic method

Cooling or cream anesthesia


About 2-7 days for each individual and part


Individual differences

Recovery period

You can live your daily life

*Complications that can occur in general, such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery, may vary depending on the individual, so be careful.
The products and prices used are available on the event page.

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