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Keloid scar


What is Keloid Scar?

It is a disease in which fibrous tissue grows abnormally in the process of healing wounds that occur after skin damage
It has the property of growing around it beyond the size of the inflammatory area.
Both genetic and environmental factors are involved in the cause of keloids.
In general, keloids are thought to be caused by damage or inflammation of the skin (especially the reticular dermis).

As an inflammatory disease that can cause keloids
Acne, folliculitis, chickenpox, vaccination (especially BCG) and others
Skin damage includes surgical wounds and earlobes in addition to trauma.

What is keloid therapy?

Among the numerous treatments available today, the most effective treatment is
Kelloid scar considering skin condition, shape, etc
It is a method of performing surgical resection and electron beam treatment at the same time.
Electronic ray treatment is possible after one-stop treatment in cooperation with Ilsan Cha Hospital.

keloid Q&A

Q. What is the health insurance coverage?

A. Regulations on the Standards of National Health Insurance Medical Care Benefits: Constructability of scars without restriction on joint movement pursuant to paragraph (2) (c) of attached Table 2 Criminal procedure is defined as non-payment.

Q. Is the actual cost insurance available?

A. There is a difference depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance company that the actual patients have subscribed to, so please contact the insurance company and there is a necessary document I'll help you if I can.

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