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Epidermal cyst
Epidermoid cyst


What is sebum cyst?

Pouches are formed under the skin according to various unknown causes
It refers to a benign tumor caused by the accumulation of sebum.

treatment and removal

Drilling a hole or laser treatment is not a fundamental treatment and it will recur.
Depending on the shape, the pouch must be completely removed after the minimum incision to be completely cured without recurrence.
To minimize scarring, a plastic surgeon will fine-seal and guide you to scar management later.

Sebum cyst Q&A

Q. What is the health insurance coverage?

A. Health insurance can be applied to benign tumor extraction except for some non-benefit parts included in the surgical process.

Q. Is the actual cost insurance available?

A. There is a difference depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance company that the actual patients have subscribed to, so I'll ask the insurance company and help you if you need any documents.

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