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Non-incisional double fold


What is a natural double eyelid?

As a way to induce adhesion between skin and muscles without incision
Make a double eyelid line using the natural double eyelid generation principle.

It induces additional line adhesion, resulting in a stronger double eyelid line.
Compared to the incision method, there are few scars, so it is natural and recovers quickly.

Natural adhesion double eyelid Surgical target

Natural adhesion double eyelid Surgical method

before surgery

Considering the harmony of the faces After designing the right double eyelid a fine groove

One thread through the groove Inside and outside of the eyelids Connect to induce adhesion

after surgery

Natural adhesion double eyelids Surgical information

Treatment time

about half an hour

an anesthetic method

local/sleep anesthesia

inpatient treatment


Remove the thread


hospital treatment


Recovery period

two to three days

*Complications that can occur in general, such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery, may vary depending on the individual, so be careful.

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