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What is Lipoma?

It is a disease that can occur anywhere in our body
Touch gently or hard where there is a layer of fat
As it grows in size over time, it needs to be removed.

treatment and removal

Lipoma can be located under the skin, between the muscles, and near the periosteum Carefully peel and remove completely.
Determine the incision range to minimize scarring.
We will conduct microsealing and guide you on scar management later.

Lipoma Q&A

Q. What is the health insurance coverage?

A. 수술과정에 포함되는 일부 비급여부분을 제외하고 양성종양적출에 대해 건강보험적용이 가능합니다.

Q. Is the actual cost insurance available?

A. There is a difference depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance company that the actual patients have subscribed to, so I'll ask the insurance company and help you if you need any documents.

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