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What is Botox?

Botox blocks the secretion of a substance called acetylcholine in the area where nerves and muscles attach
It's a kind of toxin that keeps the muscles from moving for a certain period of time.

Botox treatment is simple, but if the wrong location or amount is not appropriate
Ineffective or excessive muscle paralysis can be a side effect.

Based on extensive experience and accurate anatomical knowledge, the botox of the Cha&Leefebu Department is a key ingredient
Safely performed by a plastic surgeon.
It can be effective in improving facial wrinkles, reducing overdeveloped muscle size, and hyperhidrosis.

Botox Treatment Target

Botox Treatment area

Botox Type

Pleated Botox

Forehead, forehead, eyes, nose, neck, laugh lines, etc
You can straighten out the wrinkles on your face.

Botox with a square jaw

It reduces the size of the overdeveloped jaw muscles, which can create a slim face line.

Botox for calves

On the calves, the calf's muscle
Botox injections reduce muscle size
You can create another smooth line.

Mitral muscle botox

The trapezoid muscle, which connects the neck and shoulders
As it develops, it looks bigger.
If you get Botox and reduce your muscles
You can make an innocent shoulder line.

Hyperhidrosis Botox

Abnormalities in the hands, armpits, feet, etc If you sweat a lot, use Botox
The secretion of nerve material that stimulates the sweat glands
I suppress it and treat it.

Botox at the end of my mouth

I'm going to apply Botox to the lower lobe of my mouth It weakens the descending muscle. relatively It strengthens the muscles at the corners of your mouth
A natural smile is completed.

Botox on the nose

Muscles that make your nostrils look wider It paralyzes and reduces fat thickness Without surgery, you can reduce the nasal cavity You can get it.

gravel-jawed botox

The muscle located at the end of the jaw, called muscle It's used to stick out or lift the lower lip It's muscles. We'll weaken this muscle You can create a smooth jawline.

Botox Treatment Information

Treatment time

about five minutes

an anesthetic method

Cooling or cream anesthesia

inpatient treatment


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Recovery period

You can live your daily life

*Complications that can occur in general, such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery, may vary depending on the individual, so be careful.
The products and prices used are available on the event page.

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