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Non-incisional ptosis correction


What is non-cut eye correction?

Unlike conventional eye correction, it is a surgical method that corrects the eye without incision.
It is a suitable surgery when you have mild symptoms of eyelid sewage.

Since it is operated by non-section, swelling is low and recovery period is short.
Since there are no scars left, office workers can easily operate.

Non-incisional eye correction Surgical target

Non-incisional eye correction Surgical method

before surgery

Considering the harmony of the faces After designing the right double eyelid a fine groove

One thread through the groove Inside and outside of the eyelids Connect to induce adhesion

after surgery

Non-incisional eye correction Surgical information

Treatment time

about half an hour

an anesthetic method

local/sleep anesthesia

inpatient treatment


Remove the thread


hospital treatment


Recovery period

two to three days

*Complications that can occur in general, such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery, may vary depending on the individual, so be careful.

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