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Full of passion for the beauty of the world
CHANNEL Plastic Surgery and Skin Beauty Clinic
We will share the joy of welcoming you.

director Lee Hyuntaek

Trust us and treat us during the 28 years of opening (former plastic surgery)
With a heart of repaying all of you, we’re here at the Ilsan Chaum Life Center
Together, we will provide services that aim for the highest level in the field
of beauty and anti-aging in Korea To provide, plastic surgery by opening a
skin beauty clinic I would like to have a one-stop treatment in the field of skin care.

Cha & Lee always put the patient’s interests first and decide on surgery.

For the best satisfaction of all patients who have received medical
treatment and surgery from Cha & Lee I’m responsible for the
medical examination until the end.

People who are disadvantaged by their appearance will benefit
from plastic surgery for economic reasons I will think deeply
about setting the cost of surgery so that the estrictions on
enjoying it are minimized.

Cha & Lee Plastic Surgery
a representative director
Lee Hyuntaek

“Chanley Plastic Surgery, Skin Beauty Clinic”


Promise One.

The patients and their families who have been treated so far Special benefits as a member Towards a membership clinic. (Plastic Physician)

Promise Two.

In addition to plastic surgery, Cha&Lee has the latest various laser machines before and after surgery and Plastic surgery and dermatology using various petite procedures We aim for collaborative treatment

Promise Three.

It is a cooperative clinic with Ilsan Cha Hospital and advanced examination equipment and operating room of Cha Hospital,
We aim for high-quality medical services that use the inpatient room.
(Keloid Specialist Clinic)

Promise Four.

We've never been satisfied before, and we're better
For those of you who gave up because it was hard to get results
We'll think about it together to solve the problem.
(Resurgery Clinic)

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