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What is chanri fat inhalation?

Cha&Lee Fat Inhalation creates a beautiful body line, such as neck, jawline, forearm, waist, hipline, etc.
Petit treatment under local and sleep anesthesia. In addition to this,
your by adding escape waves and ultrasound procedures such as the tune body of the skin beauty center
We take care of your beautiful body line.

What is chani fat infusion?

in the forearm, abdomen, thigh, etc. for restoration of depressed body parts or for arum-down body line Fine centrifugation of inhaled fat is injected into depressed eyes, out-of-pocket cheeks, and improvement of laugh lines Some of the remaining fat may be frozen and injected into the body several months later.

지방 주입 부위

depressed eye

Dented Ball and Pale Wrinkle


depressed scars

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