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Why does Cha&Lee insist on a clinic specializing in re-surgery?

Plastic surgery is performed with the hope of becoming beautiful, but the result is always There are times when you’re not satisfied, or even more broken.

In an environment where plastic surgery is common these days, the result of surgery by not only plastic surgeons but also non-specialists and even unqualified people called nightdressers,
I often go to a clinic specializing in re-surgery because of unsatisfactory results.

If you’re at the clinic earlier, consult me and have surgery somewhere else I feel a heavy responsibility when I meet patients who regret and consult again.

Characteristics of Cha & Lee Resurgery


Carefully listen to and analyze the treatment process leading to reoperation.


Through sharp examination and re-operation of Cha&Lee, we determine whether high-satisfaction results are possible for the patient.


Establish a strategy to proceed at once or step by step.


It presents a treatment method to minimize the constraints of the patient's daily life.


The reasonable surgery cost is set considering the story of the operation, the time required for the operation, the patient's economic power, the possibility of a second surgery in the future, and the predicted satisfaction of the patient.


Concept of a lifelong plastic surgeon who promises responsible care

a re-surgery area

■ Asymmetric ■ Wide or narrow
■ Off eyes (fat transplant) ■ sausage eyes
■ Severe scar ■ Front slit restoration
■ Blurry eyes (correcting eyes)
■ Repeated loosening

■ A prosthesis that looks visible and moves badly
■ If it looks crooked and becomes shorter to the sphere
■ Correction of deformed nostrils
■ Objective To reduce nasal ball and improve scarring


■ Postoperative asymmetry and deformation
■ Removal or replacement of prosthesis
■ Improvement of scarring and deformed ring due to surgery
■ Reduction and correction of papilla and papilla

안면 거상 후

■ Scar after Colossus
■ correction of sharp ears
■ Correction of sagging due to insufficient colossal injury (jawline)
■ Correct deformation after inserting foreign substances such as thread lifting

Preoperative confirmation

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