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Foreign body removal

Cha&Lee's foreign substance removal is

Fillers, silicone fluids, thread lifting threads, etc. injected and inserted into the body for cosmetic purposes
If a side effect is caused contrary to the original purpose, remove it safely.
Cha & Lee’s uniquely designed removal of foreign substances as a restoration surgery Remove foreign substances safely using an instrument.

Are you worried about foreign substances?

When untested materials enter the body, in most cases the treatment area is deformed, inflamed, swollen, itchy, etc It can cause symptoms, and in severe cases, it can cause more serious side effects such as calcification, skin ulcers, and tumors.
It is important to understand the current state and remove debris as soon as possible.

Treatment application area


Too much volume on the forehead and
In case of discomfort due to movement of foreign substances


Foreign substances were injected around the eyes If it looks swollen or foreign substances are visible


Due to injection to increase nose bridge If it's bumpy or awkward


After injecting foreign substances into the lips, hard and severe Swollen and unnatural in shape


Botox or fillers were injected into the face, chin, and skin If the surrounding tissue is unnatural or skin necrosis progresses

To remove foreign substances

01. an ultrasound diagnosis

The condition of foreign substances is determined by ultrasonic instruments.
Make a thorough diagnosis.

02. removal of non-intersection

If foreign substances can be melted, without worrying about scars
Easily remove foreign substances.

03. removal of incision

To the area where the incision is not well exposed
Minimize and extract foreign substances.

Beyond foreign matter removal
We'll restore your beauty.

Cha&Lee extracts foreign substances more precisely and applies the area as much as possible We try to restore it to its original state, and go one step further and improve it in a better way. Through various recovery programs such as laser, high frequency, etc. during the basic recovery process Remaining side effects such as tissue damage and pigmentation lesions To treat, apply plastic surgery while treating wrinkles or increasing elasticity Improve stretched skin after extracting foreign substances.

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