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Cha & Lee, CEO of Plastic Surgery Clinic, Lee Hyun-taek


director Lee Hyuntaek

1982 Obtained a doctor’s license (clothes 24730)
From 1988 to 1992, he completed training in plastic surgery at Hanlim University’s Han River Sacred Heart Hospital, specializing in burn treatment, and in 1992, he obtained a plastic surgeon (expert number 373)

Starting with the opening of Lee Hyun-taek Plastic Surgery in 1993, he opened a foreign substance removal clinic as the CEO of Apgujeong Xi Plastic Surgery and treated it. He appeared on MBC’s live show, “Today’s Morning, SBS I Want to Know It” to advise on foreign substances.

In 2010, Ilsan opened a plastic surgery clinic, re-surgery, and scar clinic In July 2020, it was opened before expansion to cooperate with Ilsan Cha Hospital for higher-quality reconstructive plastic surgery based on expertise related to re-surgery, scars, and foreign substances.

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CHANNEL Plastic Surgery and Skin Beauty Clinic
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