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What is Cha & Lee Middle age plastic surgery/facial prosthesis?

Middle-aged plastic surgery improves the relaxation of the underlying fascia tissue with age Deep wrinkles that cannot be solved by upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, and petite as surgery to have a younger face Simple thread lifting, endotaine, endoscope, etc. for facial colossal surgery. There are incisional lifts that are used or require more complex and sophisticated techniques.

Cha & Lee middle-aged plastic surgery and facial colossal surgery have clear results along with the various methods above Double-layer colossal surgery is performed to pull the fascia layer with good incision lifting to the scar.
Many people can’t decide on the surgery because they think it’s scary because it’s a big surgery CHANNELY MEDIUM ORGANISM/FACE ARTIFICIAL SURGERY PERFORMING SURGERY CONSIDERATION WITH LITTLE PAIN.

Effects of facial colossal surgery

Fill your confidence.

Don’t hesitate or be afraid.

Cha & Lee Facial Geosang is conducted with know-how through many years of experience.
Through experience, it has been confirmed that you will maintain the effect of looking young for 7 to 10 years.

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