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What is chest reduction?

The size of the chest is important to harmonize with physical conditions such as height and weight, and the degree of surgery or correction
is determined in consideration of individual preferences.
It’s not just about reducing the size, it’s about creating a harmonious and beautiful chest.

What is breast sewage correction?

To overcome the decline in quality of life caused by breastfeeding or deterioration of breast shape with age
If possible, it is an operation that minimizes scars without inserting prostheses to create the desired shape of the chest.

Types of Chest Shrinkage

01. an annular incision

It's the least scarring method for chest reduction, but it can be a little difficult to reduce large amounts of mammary gland tissue.
It can only be applied effectively if the amount to be reduced is small, and regardless of how much you want to reduce because you are worried about scars, the size after surgery has decreased.
You may be less satisfied with the result by creating a plain-looking chest.

02. a vertical incision

It is a method that complements and compromises the wheel incision method and the 'O' shape incision method. Enough mammary gland tissue can be removed, and damage to the mammary gland is prevented, resulting in almost no papillary sensory abnormalities.
By resecting the mammary gland tissue in the center of the chest and suture the remaining tissues on both sides, it is possible to collect the shape of the spread chest, making a beautifully protruding chest after surgery
It is the most commonly used treatment method because it leaves relatively less scars than the 'O'-shaped incision.

03. a five-sided incision

This is the way to reduce the size of the chest the most. It's partially covered by the underline of the chest
Compared to other procedures, there may be more scars and some postoperative sensation in the papilla may be reduced.
In the case of large breasts with a large amount of mammary gland tissue to be removed, although there are concerns about scarring
I recommend this method.

04. liposuction method

Chest reduction through liposuction does not cause severe chest sagging, but has good skin elasticity, and mainly fat tissue
It can be effective for young people who are developed. I don't want big surgery, just volume
We also recommend this method if you want to reduce it to a certain extent.
The main advantage is that the pain or recovery period is short without leaving a scar on the chest after surgery, but the current
The effectiveness of the surgery can also vary depending on the condition of the chest, so before you decide on the surgery,
I need an expert's examination and consultation.

Shrink your chest
When would be a good time?

If the chest is too large for your body type, it can cause various physical and mental problems.
Physically, it can cause muscle pain, back pain, and skin eczema around the neck and shoulders.
Mentally, you may be atrophied in interpersonal relationships or have difficulty in social life due to complexes.
If you feel so uncomfortable in your life, considering breast reduction surgery can be one way.

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